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Our tourism services don’t end when the ticket is purchased and the accommodation is secured, but it goes further than that, as our experts are working on providing you with the best product and service in line with our expertise of over 34 years in planning holidays. We also offer a wide range of tourism programs in unique and distinct destinations worldwide to suit the desires of our customers and their requirements, including travel, accommodation, visas, car rental, sightseeing tours and more, all through our offices. We are known for the exclusive destinations we offer at competitive prices and high-end services which also sets us apart in the travel and tourism market.

Service Features:

  • Featured selection of hotels, residential units, resorts, islands, condos and villas around the world
  • A spectrum of tourism programs offered at competitive prices
  • Visa services to any country around the globe
  • Health and travel insurance services to countries around the world
  • The ability to customize your trip program to suit you and your family’s needs
  • Complementary services with special promotional offers
  • Customized services to help arrange your trip and collect you upon arrival all around the world
  • Our staff are your guide to ensuring you receive the best destinations, tours and locations to suit your preferences

Passenger Services at Airports

We provide numerous premium services at airports to ease our customers’ travel experience. These services include management of  all travel procedures, boarding cards issuance, baggage claim, reception and farewell, luxury lounge access, and assistance in visa processing as well. Moreover, our presence across 28 airports in the Kingdom enables us to better serve you.